What you need to know:

  • I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which means I really fuck around with all kinds of cheese.

  • I curse like a sailor, but so does Julie Andrews, so, like, what do you want from me?

  • Wait, except for blue cheese.

  • My dad's an actor, my mama's a playwright, so, I was raised in show biz, baby!

  • I'm married to my drama school classmate, creative collaborator, and Very Nice Jewish Boy From Queens, Rob Tendy.

  • I have an older brother who is a scholar, professor, historian, and very good hang. Hi, Sam!

  • My husband and I have an evil/adorable black cat named Hippo.

  • I work at a pre-school as a teacher's assistant :)

  • I have flat feet and only wear orthopedics that my mom finds on sale online.

  • I love snacking on bananas and saltines! Together! Try it.

  • I come from a long line of powerful and intense Italian women, a.k.a, "The Furys."

  • Personal icons include:
    Dolly Parton, My Mother, Rhoda Morgenstern